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Experience of both VA / VV ECMO.

The team associated with the Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) program has the experience of carrying out both forms of ECMO, be it Veno Arterial  (VA) or Veno Arterial (VV). Till now, the team has done almost equal number of both modalities and is well versed with the intricacies of both.

Documented successful usage and outcomes.

We are in the process of sharing our data with Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), the umbrella organization for ECMO worldwide. The data sharing will be both ways between both ELSO and us, we being members of ELSO.

Survival rates comparable with international standards.

The team success rates have been comparable to international centers, both for VA and VV ECMO. With continued improvement in skills and training at international centers, the team aspires to further improve upon its successes. It will be helped on its way by the guidance of ELSO and international experts who are part of our Annual Conference also.

One of the largest VA ECMO center in the North India.

VA ECMO in medical ICUs is uncommon and technically difficult. The team has the experience of carrying out VA ECMO in a great number and a wide variety of cases, one of the largest numbers in North India at least.

The team has also handled equal number of  VV and some VVV ECMO also , wherever the situation demands

Dedicated doctors / nursing team.

The team has a dedicated mix of doctors trained in ECMO both in India and University Hospital, Regensburg, Germany; a center with a large and high quality ECMO programme. It also has ECMO trained nurses and perfusionists with a robust cardiothoracic backup to manage any contingency at any time. All of them are on call 24X7. The ICU also has beds dedicated to ECMO.

The ECMO team is backed up by an experienced team of multispecialty  Critical Care Doctors and Nurses because managing an ECMO patient is not just about initiating ECMO but also taking care of his critical needs right upto the point he is discharged from the unit.

All of the above is aimed to initiate ECMO within the shortest possible time, at anytime of the day or night; and to work towards a favorable outcome with minimum adverse events.

ECMO usage in conditions varying from oncology to septic shock.

Till this point of time, the team has handled a wide array of cases requiring VA or VV ECMO. The first case was a septic shock with ARDS which was handled successfully. Since then the team has handled cases varying in nature and challenges. From cardiac dysfunction due to toxins, Myocardial Infarction and Viral Myocarditis to that in sepsis. And from ARDS due to Community acquired pneumonias to that due to autoimmune diseases and Acute Interstitial Pneumonias. The team has also handled cases in oncology. E-CPR has also been one twice.

ECMO retrievals and “Doorstep” ECMO in Delhi NCR

This provision is for patients in those centers where ECMO is not available. Depending upon the condition of the patient, they can either be placed on ECMO there itself and then “retrieved” back to our center or managed there only if too unstable “at the doorstep”