Welcome to the official website of Team ECMO ASIA


Ecmoasa is an  initiative aimed at providing extra corporeal life support to the patients in need of this life saving modality, irrespective of their location.

It also aims at creating an environment for education training and research on Extra Corporeal therapies.ECMO is in its infancy in India although it’s a very well established modality in the Western world.

In Asia, there are several limitations that hinder its widespread usage

  • Lack of awareness: of its advantages, even its existence amongst the public and even medical practitioners!!!
  • ECMO is a complex modality and medical expertise required to perform bed side ECMO is lacking.
  • Financial constraints

ECMO Asia aims to bridge this gap by creating awareness about ECMO in general public and medical personnel by holding CMEs, conferences and discussion at various levels.

ECMO Asia also aims to provide ECMO services to the remote areas where this expertise is nonexistent by means of “ECMO Ambulances” and “mobile ECMO teams”, which will help in initiating ECMO at remote ICUs and then shifting the patient to tertiary care setups on the machine. This will not only provide this modality in areas where it is lacking but will also save time.

Another option is “Doorstep ECMO”; which means putting ECMO on site and managing the patient at the remote ICU itself.

Evidence for ECMO is growing every year, both in Lung failure and Cardiac failure and we can use this expertise to save more and more lives particularly when conventional measures like ventilator and cardiac pumps have failed.

We thought it was the future but it is already here!!!!

But the question is …..Are We Ready???